August 23, 2014 Saving Lives on the Water!

Welcome to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

We are the charity that saves lives on the water.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer organization that operates more than 40 marine rescue stations on the British Columbia coast and in the B.C. Interior.  From Vancouver’s busy harbour to the remote waters of the North Coast, our volunteer crews are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to marine emergencies.

We are a key part of the marine search and rescue system, and we work in one of the most challenging search and rescue regions in the world.  Our volunteers handle more than 600 marine emergencies every year.  They stand ready to leave their jobs and their families on a moment’s notice to help people in trouble on the water – no matter how foul the weather or how rough the seas.

Our crews are highly trained, and equipped with specialized rescue vessels designed for the challenges of the West Coast.

You make this possible.

Most of the funding for this vital public safety service comes from generous donations from individuals, companies, and community grants.  Your contribution helps us keep up our training so we are safe and effective.  It helps keep our boats at the ready and our equipment ship-shape.  And it helps us spread our boating safety message to children and families.

Thank you.

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You can make a difference

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Latest RCM-SAR Missions

Extraction from Nelson Island – Pender Harbour

Date: August 20th, 2014 Time: 16:24 RCM-SAR Station: #61 Pender Harbour Mission: At 16:25 JRCC tasked Station 61 to attend to a medical emergency which had been relayed by a sailing vessel in Green Bay. Arrive Green Bay 16:50 and the sailing vessel advises the victim is at the end of the bay. They arrive at the end […]
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Mayday off Crescent Beach – Crescent Beach

Date: August 10th, 2014 Time: 13:58 RCM-SAR Station: #5 Crescent Beach Mission: 38′ Sailing vessel was coming out of the river and into Boundary Bay.  The Capt reported his engine quit and she drifted out of the channel and came to rest on the bottom which was sand near Crescent Beach Pier/Blackie Spit.  The tide dropped and she began to […]
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Boat fire Woodward wall/Burn patient – Richmond

Date: August 9th, 2014 Time: 18:30 RCM-SAR Station: #10 Richmond Mission: Mayday broadcast vessel onfire off Woodward training wall. Attended to patient with 2nd degree burns to right leg from mid thigh to calf. CCG H/C Moytel attended. BC Ambulance arrived. Patient and notes passed on. Learn more about RCM-SAR Station #10 Richmond We are the charity that […]
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  • - Rescue on a Dark and Stormy Night
  • - Assisting the Victoria Hippo Bus
  • - Crew Member of the Month: Bob Funk
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