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Honouring SAR volunteers: design ideas wanted


RCM-SAR, the BC Search and Rescue Association and Provincial Emergency Program Air are establishing a memorial to honour British Columbia SAR volunteers who have died in the line of duty.

The memorial will be installed on the grounds of the B.C. Legislative Buildings alongside existing memorials to police, firefighters and paramedics.  The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has given approval in principle for the memorial and has asked for design concepts.

SAR Volunteer Memorial Proposed Site

SAR Volunteer Memorial Proposed Site2






RCM-SAR members and members of the other SAR organizations (and family, friends and others) are invited to submit design ideas.

The deadline is April 25. 

Design Considerations:

  1. The design should incorporate some element(s) that are common to air, ground, and marine SAR; for example a large compass on the base,
  2. Some elements specific to each of the three sectors (air, marine, and ground) may be incorporated in the design,
  3. The large tree limbs which overhang the proposed site of the memorial, reaching almost to the sidewalks; a lower ‘platform’ with a raised portion (e.g. multisided pillar) may be appropriate,
  4. Walkways will connect the memorial with the sidewalks; designs should recognize that visitors may step on or otherwise touch the memorial,
  5. The other memorials include granite and some bronze, the design and materials should complement the other memorials; while being sufficiently different,
  6. The design is not to exceed the height of the existing memorials, i.e. 2 metres or less,
  7. Space should be allowed on any upright component to accommodate the names of those who have died in the line of duty by sector,
  8. Drawings of a design should show the different aspects, fine details are not required at this stage,
  9. This Invitation to Submit is not a commitment to proceed with any specific design(s) received, however should one or more submitted designs(s) (or specific elements thereof) be selected then the person(s) who submitted such will be acknowledged in any dedication materials
  10. The final design approved by the Committee may incorporate elements and concepts from more than one submitted design.

Concepts can be submitted for consideration by the committee by email to:

The deadline is April 25th 2016.  Questions can be sent to the same address.

Submitted concepts are to be accompanied by:

  1. Name, address, phone number and email address of the person(s) making the submission
  2. A confirmation that the drawings/renderings of the design has been done by the person(s) making the submission
  3. A statement that the person(s) submitting the design gives permission for the SAR Volunteer Memorial Committee to use the design or elements of the design for the specific purpose of establishing the memorial.
  4. An acknowledgement that the SAR Volunteer Memorial Committee has sole, full and complete ownership of the intellectual property rights of the submitted design.


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