December 15, 2017 Saving Lives on the Water!

Station #64 – Prince Rupert


Station64Station 64 started in 1975 in Prince Rupert. At the time, it was called Rescue 15 and it incorporated Ground and Marine Search and Rescue. In the late 80’s, society (now known as Prince Rupert Marine Rescue) joined RCM-SAR and purchased our vessel called “Rainbow Responder”. This vessel originally was an open Zodiac, that was later retrofitted with small cabin.

In 2007 Prince Rupert Marine Rescue and Station 64 decided to fundraise close to $600,000 for a new, Type II Falkins class vessel. In January 2012 we took possession of our new vessel. This vessel is now in service. It is named Orme G. Stuart.

Station 64 covers one of the largest areas in the region. Our area of responsibility is from Alaska border to the north, Hartley Bay in the south (120 nm). From Prince Rupert in the east to Hecate Strait in the west (80 nm). This area is famous for very rough seas (30 feet plus) and Hurricane force winds in winter. It is a busy area often visited by large amount of deep sea vessel, sports and commercial fisherman, and pleasure craft destined for Alaska.

In addition to Marine Search and Rescue, Station 64 provides boating safety services to the community and often offers various marine classes to public.

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