December 15, 2017 Saving Lives on the Water!

Station #103 – Vancouver


Based in downtown Vancouver, Unit 103 is a boating safety unit covering False Creek and First and Second Narrows, our activity is 100% Boating Safety.

Annually we participate in Safety Days at Burrard Yacht Club, False Creek Yacht Club, Mosquito Creek Yacht Club, RVYC, Vancouver Rowing Club and carry out individual vessel inspections in the area when requested. We also provide personnel for the RCM-SAR display at the Vancouver Boat Show held in February.

In the past years we have averaged in the region of 600 PCSCs and this past year 2012 we have put in 686 volunteer hours to date ( mid – December ) with some more members still to report their activities. We have 43 members all certified to carry out checks, all of our membership is involved with one of the Marinas we support and we hold an annual refresher course for the PCSC program.

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