December 15, 2017 Saving Lives on the Water!

Station #8 – Delta


Station8Station 8 of the RCM-SAR was formed in 1976 in response to the sinking of a pleasure craft at SandHeads in which a fishboat was also lost in a rescue attempt. This was the genesis of the what would eventually become the Coast Guard Auxiliary and eventually Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. In 1988 the group decided to form two separate rescue stations for better coverage and Station 7 in Steveston was formed, while leaving Station 8 in Delta, with the boat based in Point Roberts. Over the years our boats have evolved from the original small 15ft Avon inflatable on a trailer, to the 25 foot, purpose-built dedicated Fast Response RHIB now in service. We are currently fund-raising to replace this boat with the newest RCM-SAR designed Type 1 rescue vessel in October of 2012.

We have the unique distinction of being the only Canadian marine SAR resource based in US waters. Point Roberts provides rapid access to the Strait of Georgia, and the marina has excellent facilities such as fuel, parking and room for a base, and gives good visibility to the public. The marina also donates complimentary moorage for the boat.

Station 08 – Delta provides Search and Rescue services 365 days per year, 24 hours per day in an area of approximately 600 square miles of local waters, including the Southern Strait of Georgia, Boundary Bay and the Eastern Gulf Islands. The area is travelled extensively by the B.C. Ferries (Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal) tugs and barges, cruise ships, freighter traffic (Delta Port, Vancouver Harbour) local fishing and pleasure craft including small craft such as dinghies, canoes and kayaks and kite boards. Additionally, the close proximity of the Vancouver International Airport and Boundary Bay Airport (the third busiest airport in Canada for take-offs and landings) and subsequent commercial and recreational flights over the area means the number of people passing through our marine area is estimated at more than 15,000 per day or 5.5 million annually.

We also provide SAR- prevention (boating safety) to yacht clubs, schools and the general public.

We draw our members and support from the small communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen.

The Delta Marine Rescue Society (DMRS) is a small non-profit society that supports Station 8 by raising funds in the community for equipment, vessels, maintenance, and training.

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