December 15, 2017 Saving Lives on the Water!

Station #10 – Richmond


richmond-boatsIn its inception in 1988, Station 10 was originally named Station 7 funded through “The Steveston Marine Rescue Society” (RMRS). At this time operations where based in Steveston only and the monies raised by the Society supported Station 7. Small fundraising operations were organized and usually less than $1,000 was raised a few times a year, which did keep the operation functional. All members were required to purchase their own equipment and there was no funding to cover those expenses.

In 1991, there was a general feeling that a Dedicated Response Vessel was needed near the airport. The Society was asked to come up with a plan to raise funds to purchase a such a vessel, similar to those being utilized in other Units. A request was made to Canadian Airlines Employees Charitable Donations and they established a campaign to raise funds. This resulted in our first Rigid Hull Inflatable vessel in 1992, which was named “Guardian”. A station was established in the Middle Arm, just north of the Richmond Yacht Club.

This immediately raised another problem and that was that most of the fundraising by the RMRS was limited to the Richmond-Steveston area. So in an effort to attract more funding to meet the demand, the Members opted to establish a Society solely for Station 6,“The Strait of Georgia Marine Rescue Society” (SGMRS), which concentrated their fundraising from the Greater Vancouver area. In 1997, Station 6 was able to buy a Zodiac 733, which was sold in 2002 to Long Beach and consequently the first Carswell Titan T-Top 249XL was bought. RMRS in the meantime concentrated on fundraising for Station 7 and eventually bought a new boat as well.

Currently there is a Titan 300 Pilot RHIB (Unit 7) operational in the Steveston area and a Carswell Titan Delta 249XL RHIB (Unit 6) in the Middle Arm area.

Today, the crews of RCMSAR Station 10 – Richmond, continue to operate both vessels, Unit 6 & 7. Its’ members have become recognized as one of the top search and rescue (SAR) crews, not only in the Pacific Region, but in Canada. Station 10 has worked hard and diligently to establish a reputation as highly trained, and capable of taking on many tasks to support boating safety and SAR. This is reflected in the numerous awards and citations, not only for the unit, but for its individual members.

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