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Rescue Stations

We have Rescue Stations in 33 communities on the West Coast and in the Interior. Our locations range from large urban centres like North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, to small coastal communities like Port Alice and Lax Kw’alaams. Each station has at least one dedicated search and rescue vessel and a local crew on call around the clock, 365 days a year.

Locations are chosen based on the marine safety needs of the area, the proximity of other search and rescue resources, and the capacity of the community to support a station.

We also have four Stations that do not have rescue vessels and are dedicated solely to promoting boating safety.

Interested in volunteering? We would love to hear from you! Please contact your local RCMSAR Station to learn more.

Northern Region



Station 74

Hartley Bay

Station 70

RCMSAR station 63


Station 63

RCMSAR station 45


Station 45

RCMSAR station 65

Lax Kw’alaams

Station 65

RCMSAR station 63

Prince Rupert

Station 64

RCMSAR station 65

Lax Kw’alaams

Station 65

RCMSAR station 63

Prince Rupert

Station 64

Central Region


RCMSAR station31r 1

Brentwood Bay

Station 31

RCMSAR station 60


Station 60

RCMSAR station 59

Deep Bay

Station 59

RCMSAR station 59

Gulf Islands

Station 25

RCMSAR station31r 1


Station 27

RCMSAR station 60

Mill Bay

Station 34

RCMSAR station 59


Station 29

RCMSAR station 59

Oak Bay

Station 33

RCMSAR station31r 1

Pender Island

Station 20

RCMSAR station 60

Port Alberni

Station 39

RCMSAR station 59

Port Alice

Station 43

RCMSAR station 59

Port McNeil

Station 50

RCMSAR station31r 1


Station 36

RCMSAR station 60


Station 37

RCMSAR station 59


Station 38

RCMSAR station 59


Station 35

Southern Region


RCMSAR station31r 1

Crescent Beach

Station 5

RCMSAR station 60


Station 8

RCMSAR station 59


Station 14

RCMSAR station 59

Halfmoon Bay

Station 12

RCMSAR station31r 1

North Vancouver

Station 2

RCMSAR station 60

Pender Harbour

Station 61

RCMSAR station 59


Station 10

RCMSAR station 59


Station 106

RCMSAR station31r 1


Station 4

RCMSAR station 60

West Vancouver

Station 1

RCMSAR station 59

Vancouver SAR Prevention

Station 103

Donate to RCMSAR

 Your contributions help support our volunteer training and our keep our equipment in excellent condition. Donations are also used for prevention programs that save lives on the water before a rescue is needed.

Hartley Bay, BC, Canada

Kitkatla, BC, Canada

Lax Kw'alaams, BC, Canada

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

Kitimat, BC, Canada

Masset, BC, Canada

Comox, BC, Canada

Deep Bay, BC, Canada

Port McNeill, BC, Canada

Port Alice, BC, Canada

Victoria, BC, Canada

Oak Bay, BC, Canada

Sooke, BC, Canada

West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Squamish, BC, Canada

Pender Harbour, BC, Canada

Delta, BC, Canada

Crescent Beach, BC, Canada

Richmond, BC, Canada

Ladysmith, BC, Canada

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Mill Bay, BC, Canada

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gibsons, BC, Canada

Halfmoon Bay, BC, Canada

Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada

Shuswap, BC, Canada

Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Deep Bay/Bowser, BC, Canada

Ucluelet, BC, Canada

Saanich, BC, Canada

Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

Gitxaala, BC, Canada

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue is a volunteer based organization that operates more than 30 marine rescue stations on the British Columbia coast and in the B.C. Interior. From Vancouver’s busy harbour to the remote waters of the North Coast, our volunteer crews are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to marine emergencies. Charity #106863137RR0001

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