Kids Don't Float

Kids Don't Float

Kids Don't Float

Promoting safety on the water, the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Kids Don’t Float Program provides free access to personal floatation devices (PFDs) for infants, children, and youth at over one hundred PFD Loaner Stations located at docks, marinas and beaches along B.C.’s coast from Vancouver’s busy harbour to Vancouver Island, including remote waters of the North Coast and in-land waters in communities around the Shuswap. Inspired by the State of Alaska’s program of the same name, this program is supported by police, municipalities, marinas, and community groups to ensure kids stay safe around docks, beaches and on the water. 

Who Benefits

Infants, children and youth, ages 6 months to 16 years, who visit lakes, oceans on docks and marinas will benefit from this program. Parents or guardians who do not own lifejackets, or do not have appropriately sized PFDs for their children, can simply grab a loaner lifejacket and return it to the Loaner Station at the end of the day so other kids can use them and be safe too. Families can enjoy a day on the water together knowing their children are safe.

Western Group Support

In 2023, RCMSAR and Western Group announced a three-year funding partnership to promote and elevate children’s safety on the water through RCMSAR’s Kids Don’t Float program. Join Western Group in keeping children safe on the water with your gift today and help purchase PFDs and build new PFD Loaner Stations in a community near you!

Disclaimer: Prior to placing a PFD or lifejacket on your child, parents and guardians must read sizing instructions on the inside of the lifejacket to ensure best fit based on their child’s weight and chest size. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for ensuring their children wear appropriately sized lifejackets and look over the condition of the PFD or lifejacket prior to use. RCMSAR holds no responsibility or any other liabilities that may arise from the provision or subsequent use of such information.

KDF Program Impact

According to the World Health Organization drowning is among the top causes of death for children worldwide. Thanks to supporters of RCMSAR’s Kids Don’t Float (KDF) Program, together, we have helped to reduce children drowning deaths in our communities since its inception in 2003. As a result, RCMSAR’s KDF Program won the Canadian Safe Boating Award for Best Boating Safety Initiative in 2018.

Protecting children on the water drives RCMSAR volunteers into action, fundraising not only to replace lost or worn PFDs but also search out new locations to build more PFD loaners stations in our communities. Having access to water safety equipment like lifejackets allows families to be more active on the water today, which will establish a healthy lifestyle for years to come.