As RCMSAR’s search for a new CEO gets underway, Captain Ken Burton will be taking on the role of Interim CEO during the transition. Appointed to the RCMSAR Board of Governors in 2015, Captain Burton has stepped down from his position with the Board to be able to act as Interim CEO.

“Ken is a lifelong mariner who is eminently qualified,” said Chris Gouglas, RCMSAR Board of Governors Chair. “A few of his many qualifications include being the Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum, a consultant on maritime risk, senior positions with the RCMP and RCMP Maritime Services and as a Member of the Order of Merit for Police Service.”

Captain Ken Burton

Captain Ken Burton

Additionally, Captain Burton has served as a guide, historian, logistics support, and advisor on a multiple of North West Passage transits and remote Pacific Coast adventure expeditions (as Captain) executed or attempted by a wide variety of entities.

As a career member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Captain Burton worked throughout Canada and abroad as a Federal Enforcement Peace Officer and Patrol Vessel Commander.  He holds an internationally recognized 500 GT Maritime Command Endorsement. In 2015, he retired with distinction from the RCMP as a Commissioner Officer (Inspector).

Throughout his career Captain Burton was awarded multiple honours, awards commendations and recognition including but not limited to Long Service Medal, Recognition from the citizens of Boston, Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal, Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Crime Stoppers International Award of Excellence and in 2014, he was inducted into the Order of Canada system when he was appointed as a member of The Order of Merit for Police Officers.

In the year 2000, Captain Burton was placed in charge and served as Captain of the St. Roch II Voyage of Re-Discovery.  This was a Government of Canada millennium project, which saw Captain Burton and crew retrace the voyages of the original RCMP St Roch’s Arctic transit and subsequent circumnavigation of North America.  The transit was completed successfully in a 20m high-speed aluminum catamaran. During the 169-day 24,000 nautical mile circumnavigation of North America (in the RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon), they made over 50 ports of call into seven different countries and set a number of world records.

Captain Burton with penguins

Captain Burton meeting locals on an expedition.

Over the years, Captain Burton has been active in all things marine; he was an active SCUBA diver and master SCUBA Instructor, historian, photographer, prolific writer and has traveled and taught extensively throughout North America and abroad.

Story and background shared with permission from BC Shipping News