Sooke incident June 3, 2017

RCMSAR Station Lax Kw’alaams

April 16, 2017

At 1955, RCMSAR Station Lax K’walaams was tasked by JRCC Victoria to a report of a 17-foot pleasure craft overturned at the south end of Birnie Island.

Crew members James Henry, Dwayne Wesley and Glen Wesley departed home base to assist.

When the FRC arrived on-scene they located two persons hanging onto the bow of a sunken vessel. Crew took them on-board and administered first aid. Wet and cold, the casualties were doing well.

The RCMSAR crew managed to get the stricken vessel upright and began de-watering procedures to re-float the boat, then towed it to port in Lax Kw’alaams where the boat was hauled out of the water.

RCMSAR Station Halfmoon Bay

April 20, 2017

At 0100, RCMSAR Station Halfmoon Bay was tasked by JRCC Victoria to a medevac from a tugboat liveaboard located in Porpoise Bay.

Crew members Peter Forster, Mark Wenn and Trevor Chapman arrived on-scene. They located one person lying on the floor of the vessel which was in a state of disrepair. Crews worked diligently and safely to clear a path of egress. The patient presented various complaints of pain but was found to be physically trapped by his couch. His legs were wedged under the couch and the crews had concerns of paralysis. Crews freed the man from entrapment, administered oxygen and placed him on a spine board for transportation to the Government Dock where BCEHS was waiting.

RCMSAR Station Sooke

June 3, 2017

At 1540, RCMSAR Station Sooke was tasked by JRCC Victoria to a report of an overturned vessel off Goodridge Islands, unknown if any persons were onboard.

Crew members Amber Frame, Rob Roe, Dave Steeves, Jason van der Valk and Jeff Walker departed home base en-route to the Sooke Basin.

They arrived in the vicinity of the Goodridge Islands but no vessel was located. Crews began to search the area and five minutes later located one person in the water holding a small jerry can. Scanning the waters around they located two more people close by and treading water, none were wearing floatation.

All three persons were quickly recovered, rewarmed and first aid administered. Crews quickly brought them to the closest marina where BCEHS was waiting.